Diamond Island

Diamond Island

Diamond Island – The only island in the city

Invested by Binh Thien An Company, a pioneer in the field of construction of high-class urban areas and real estate, designed by world-famous Japanese architect Arata Isozaki and managed by the corporation. The world’s leading real estate management and investment JLL, Diamond Island is a gift that reaches the subtlety of heaven and earth – feng shui combined with intelligence – people. With a total area of ​​8 hectares, located in Thu Thiem new urban area, Diamond Island is proud to own the most prime location in Ho Chi Minh City. Diamond Island is surrounded by Saigon River and Giong Ong To River with a green protective forest strip in front, opening a fresh and spacious space. Besides, Diamond Island’s marina is also being developed and is the only private marina licensed to serve Diamond Island Residents.

All elements of heavenly weather, favorable terrain, and peace have come together to make an elite and prosperous community. Diamond Island is a highlight of the international urban architecture in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Kien Viet Parking Care was selected as a professional parking management unit with the cooperation form to provide the following services:

  • Managing and operating car park activities,
    • Car: 1.027
    • Motorbike: 2.540
  • collecting parking fees and customer services

Diamond Island parking lot with the use of the ground floor as a parking area has created safe and airy access to the parking lot, the system of parking fee collection, and access control – fully accessible by automatic technology The most advanced current RFID. Besides, the parking service provided by the Parking Guider team is professionally trained in caring, guiding, and serving parking, civilized, courteous, and friendly parking.

Some pictures of parking activities at Saigon Pearl

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Motorbike parking area

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Control Gate System

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Car parking area

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Control gate staff

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Customer service office

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